Giấy Bristol

Bristol / Art Board Paper

This type of paper is coated on both sides, glossy surface, high thickness.

Quantity: 190gsm – 400gsm

Applications: Premium boxes, scratch cards, price tags
Giấy Couche

Couche paper

It is a type of paper whose surface is coated with kaolin, so the paper surface is very flat, glossy and smooth, and the printing is very eye-catching and bright.

Quantity: 80gsm – 350gsm

Applications: Print magazines, book covers, menus, catalogs, posters, flyers, lottery tickets, calendars…

Giấy Woodfree

Fort / Woodfree paper

Fort paper, also known as Woodfree uncoated paper, is an uncoated paper that adheres well to ink.
Quantity : 60gsm – 120gsm
Applications: Student notebooks, photocopy paper, instructions for use, printing stories – books, documents, drawings…
Giấy Ivory

Ivory Paper

It is a type of paper with white color, smoothness and high brightness. Ivory paper is only coated on one side, the other side is rough white.
Quantity : 170gsm – 400gsm
Application : Cigarette boxes, cosmetic boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, cake boxes,…

Giấy kraft

Kraft paper

Also known as cement paper, it is made from chemical pulp of softwood, processed through the kraft process. 
There are two colors: yellow brown and white. 
Quantity:  60gsm – 300gsm
Applications:  Food wrapping paper, envelopes, shopping paper bags, business cards, lucky money envelopes, wedding invitations, flower wrapping…
Giấy duplex

Duplex paper

A type of paper that is coated on one side, the other side is gray or yellowish gray (Duplex with gray back); or white (white-backed Duplex).
Quantity : 180gsm – 500gsm
Application : Paper is often used to print medium and slightly large sized product boxes such as candy boxes, moon cake boxes, toy boxes,…